Omala Caldron No. 99

Current Officers

Mighty Chosen One
Lynne Huckabay
Junior Past Mighty Chosen One
Epifania "Pifi" DeLuna, PMCO
Brenda Krueger
Marilyn Olivares
Emma Markins, PMCO
Julia Perkins
Elizabeth Lockwood-Tamsett , PMCO
Betty Williams, PMCO
Alvina Pomroy
Sherri Scheurich
Tinie Riggs
Marian "Boots" Draper
Margie Estlack, PMCO
Hilda Cantrell, PMCO
American Flag Bearer
Rose Price-Gore
Canadian Flag Bearer Lucille Wohlfarth, PMCO
Receiving Mighty Chosen One
Sue Griffith, PMCO


One Year
Lucille Wohlfarth , PMCO
Two Year
Emma Markins, PMCO
Three Year
Elizabeth Lockwood-Tamsett , PMCO

Present Supreme Officer

Elizabeth Lockwood-Tamsett
Supreme Zulette

Past Supreme Mighty Chosen One

Dorothy Tamsett

Past Mighty Chosen Ones

Dorothy Tamsett
Jerry Courtney
Judith Karen Scott Harrison
Jane Hasbrook
Maureen Johnson
Mildred Mason
Jeanine Willingham
Lois Crain
Margie Estlack
Sylvia Garza
Doris Norton
Dorothy Harbert
Mary Beth Cooper
Marie Heaton
Marie Burton
Epifania De Luna (Pifi)
Lucille Wohlfarth
Hilda Cantrell
Dorothy Harbert
Epifania De Luna (Pifi)
Margie Estlack
Elaine E. Luyster
Sharon Ann Luna
Nancy Coffey
Emma Markins
Hilda Cantrell
Betty Williams
Lucille Wohlfarth
Emma Markins
Elizabeth Lockwood-Tamsett
Epifania De Luna (Pifi)
Lynne Huckabay

About the Daughters of Mokanna

What is the Daughters of Mokanna?

The Daughters of Mokanna is a social organization for women and is associated with the Grottoes of North America. It has maintained a steady growth throughout the United States and Canada.

What is a Caldron?

It is the subordinate body of the Daughters of Mokanna. Only one Caldron may be organized in a city; the jurisdiction is the same as that of the associated Grotto. A petition for a dispensation to form a new Caldron must be signed by 25 or more women who are at least 18 years of age and are related to a Veiled Prophet of the Enchanted Realm. A Caldron controls its own affairs and finances. It writes its own Bylaws and governs itself in accordance with the constitution of the Supreme Caldron.

What is their purpose?

THE PURPOSE is to promote and diffuse among its members sociability, friendship, charity, education and patriotism. THE AIM is to assist and cooperate with the members of the Grotto, to bring into closer fellowship their families, to aid and comfort each other, to give a ceremonial that teaches lessons of truth, integrity and principle and some innocent fun and light entertainment that will make us all forget the troubles and worries of everyday life. THE OBJECTIVES are both social and philanthropic. The major humanitarian work is for the Cerebral Palsied Child. This is supported by purchasing Enchanted Lanters through the Supreme Council M.O.V.P.E.R. Humanitarian Foundation and by additional assistance to local organizations for the cerebral palsied.

Who are the officers?

Each Caldron has the following elected officers: Mighty Chosen One (presiding officer); Lalla, Yusuf, Namourna, Zulette (Persian Names); Rodeval (secretary) and Zulaika (treasurer) and 8 appointed officers.

What does the fez color represent?

The regulation fez is blue with red tassel and lettering. The Mighty Chosen One wears a red fez with a gold tassel. A Past Mighty Chosen One wears a white fez with a purple tassel and lettering.

What is the Supreme Caldron?

The SUPREME CALDRON, Daughters of Mokanna, meets annually in September. The Supreme Mighty Chosen One (presiding officer) officially visits all Caldrons annually.

History of the Caldron:
A True Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, about 1200 years ago, there lived a man by the name of Al Mokanna, who ruled the land now known as Person. His name signified "Veiled," and he was considered a great Prophet of God.

In 1889, in Hamilton, New York, a group of men known as Masons, whose fundamentals of character are honesty, truth, justice, equality, and brotherly love, used as their inspiration the teachings of this great Prophet, Mokanna, to form a new Order. They recognized the need of Happiness, Social Enjoyment, Understanding, Sympathy, and Good Fellowship, and they called themselves the "Veiled Prophets of Mokanna."

In 1919, several Prophets and their wives had the desire to form a woman's organization with the same fine principles. Grand Secretary Otto Hilderbrandt, Past Monarch of Rock Island, Illinois, along with Robert Rexdale, also of Amoo Grotto, and Carl Lundberg of Zal Grotto, Moline, Illinois, met with Josephine Mace, our Organizer, who became our first Supreme Mighty Chosen One and our beautiful ritual was written. It is entirely original, and is founded on an ancient Persian manuscript, a book entitled "The Story of Lalla Rookh." This Persian tale, our Ceremonial, when presented by an able cast, is a lovely fantasy for all to enjoy. Amoo Caldron, Rock Island, Illinois (now demised) was Number 1; Mohassan Caldron, Davenport, Iowa, is Number 2; Ankara Caldron, Kansas City, Missouri (now demised), was Number 3; and Zal Caldron, Moline, Illinois, is Number 4. Many of the names of our Caldrons were the names of persons, rivers, or places mentioned in the Story of Lalla Rookh. Most of the names of our officers were also found in this Persian book.

In a little Gold Book, printed approximately in 1948, and given to me some 25 years ago, it states: "Caldrons are Organizations for Ladies who are related to the Prophets of the Grotto. They stand for Good Fellowship among its members. The Aim of the Daughters of Mokanna is to bring into closer relationship the families of Grotto members. To promote Sociability, Friendship, Charity, Education and Patriotism. The Purpose of this Order is to assist and cooperate with the local Grotto in every way possible. The Daughters of Mokanna stand ready and willing to do so at all times when called upon. Our Endeavor is to make our Ceremonials attractive and full of clean fun. It helps us to forget the troubles and worries of everyday life. Above all, cheerful good fellowship is ever our purpose. We are cordially inviting every Wife, Widow, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughters, or Legally Adopted Daughter to become a member.

Officers and Fezes

The names of our Officers and their meanings are indeed worth thought and consideration. Mighty Chosen One wears a Red Fez with Gold Tassel. She is to safeguard our interest at all times. Justice is represented in our MCO. Jr. Past Mighty Chosen One and all PMCO's wear a White Fez with a Purple Tassel. They have completed their assigned duties and represent Truth. Lallas, and most all other officers, wear the Blue Fez with a Red Tassel. Lalla is the cheerful handmaiden of the MCO, and represents Wisdom. Yusuf is the guadian of the ballot box and Faith is her by-word. Namourna is to meet and greet the newcomers and make them welcome. Zulette is her helper, and between these two a lasting impression can be made, for they represent the ideals of our Order. Rodeval keeps all records, and represents Charity. Zulaika takes care of funds and represents Hope, Ishta, the Chaplain, stands for Virtue. Morgianna and Zeldina are the guards to our Valley and give us protection, and the Marshal and Flag Bearers duties are embodied in their titles while poor Arrah, the musician, is so often forgotten, yet music is so necessary to make our work more beautiful. A Daughter is proud to wear a Blue Fez – the Red Fez indicates the authority of the Cauldron; the White Fez with a Purple Tassel, a job well done; a white Fez with a Gold Tassel denotes a Past Mighty Chosen One still working and being honored with a Supreme Cauldron station, while the Gold Fez with a Black Tassel is the Ultimate in Power, and is worn only by the Supreme Mighty Chosen One and all Past Supreme Mighty Chosen Ones. In recent years, the Gold Fez has been replaced with one of Purple with a Black Tassel.

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